Let Catalyst Help Keep Your Agency, Clients and Community Safe

Learn how the cFive Catalyst remote supervision app can help you communicate with clients safely and securely during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Catalyst COVID-19 Support Program

In light of the potential impact COVID-19 could have throughout our communities, there has never been a greater need for proactive use of technology. Catalyst provides the ability to truly help keep people safe, and we knew we had to do all in our power to support the health and welfare of community supervision professionals, their clients and communities.”  -James Newman, cFive Senior Vice President

Now is the time to let Catalyst help securely enable effective remote supervision that reinforces behavior change and compliance, while reducing in-person interactions. Let’s discuss how Catalyst can help you:

  • Deploy and train staff In UNDER 2 HOURS
  • Stay engaged with clients
  • Reinforce objectives
  • Track compliance
  • Know who you are communicating with – Client’s are Bio-Identified, so you know it’s them

Benefits of Catalyst Messaging Service:

  • Quick and Immediate Messaging is virtually instantaneous. Type in your message and send it – the client receives the message within seconds.
  • Intuitive App that’s Easy to Use. Most clients can send and receive messages easily – even the least tech-savvy clients can generally use it without trouble.
  • Clients Read and Respond Quickly. According to Forbes 95% of traditional text messages are read within three minutes.
  • At-A-Glance Record of all message activity, including Sent, Read, Received and Responded.
  • Personalized Message Appearance. Whether you send your client an individual message or a group message, it looks like it’s a personal message sent just to them.
  • Messaging is a store-and-forward service. When you send a message, it goes straight to the client’s phone. If their phone is switched off or out of range, the message will be stored until they switch on their phone or move back into range, at which point the message will be delivered.
  • Case Managers love it. They don’t have to share their cell number, and can send and reply to messages from any device that has a browser.
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