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#Catalyst4Change Webinar: From Detention to Legacy, the Creation of the Legacy Teen Center

Learn how one innovative Arizona County addressed the changing landscape of juvenile detention by reducing the money spent detaining youth by 95% the first year and building a dynamic drop-in teen center available to all local high school aged kids. Facing the realization that the County’s Juvenile Detention Center was costing over $1 million dollars to run annually and only served an average of 1.7 juveniles per day, Presiding Judge Michael Latham introduced his vision for incorporating an engaging community-focused teen center with a venue to meet the County’s juvenile detention needs. The vision included transforming the aged detention center into a hip loft-inspired venue offering a wide range of activities, technology and amenities open to local area youth – paired with a respite center and intake area to ensure the needs of the County’s juvenile population are available when needed.
Part of the #Catalyst4Change Webinar series hosted by the Justice Clearinghouse.

Meet #Catalyst4Change Finalist • Michael Latham, Apache County Superior Court (Arizona) as he discusses how the journey that began with closing the local detention center resulted in maximized efficiencies, the creation of safe-haven/respite options for juveniles, and the implementation of a “pro-active engagement” teen center model. The webinar would be ideal for anyone working with or providing funding to juvenile justice programs.

To Register visit the Justice Clearinghouse: https://justiceclearinghouse.com/catalyst4change-webinars/

#Catalyst4Change Webinar: Real Impact, Real Money, Real Re-Entry

Part of the #Catalyst4Change Webinar series hosted by the Justice Clearinghouse.

Meet #Catalyst4Change Finalist Robert Barnett, Orange County Corrections Department (Florida) on this webinar and learn about the program the Orange County Corrections Department team used to help reduce recidivism and provide inmates with valuable skills for employment upon release, and a new lease on life. With a vision to help offer inmates employable skills and provide a meaningful career path they worked with Valencia College to create a six-week construction curriculum. In addition to teaching valuable skills and providing hands-on construction experience, students in the program receive certifications to give them an advantage in the job market. The incorporation of a service project as a form of community reparation within each class empowers students to gain valuable perspective and life skills including accountability and the value of supporting their community.

This webinar will cover how this program was developed, lessons learned, and insight into developing strong partnerships to help develop a similar program.

To Register visit the Justice Clearinghouse: https://justiceclearinghouse.com/catalyst4change-webinars/

#Catalyst4Change Webinar: Differentiating by Risk and Enhancing Skill Building Techniques to Motivate Positive Change

Part of the #Catalyst4Change Webinar series hosted by the Justice Clearinghouse.

Meet #Catalyst4Change Finalist Doug Jaye, Lee County Probation (Florida), and learn how Lee County Probation implemented a series of targeted programs to achieve remarkable outcomes including over 15-percent reductions in recidivism and new law violations, along with significant client gains. The webinar will discuss how implementing differentiated case supervision, motivational interviewing, skill building, risk and needs assessments has increased success rates and reduced recidivism in Lee County, Florida. This webinar discusses how the County uses risk assessments to differentiate probationers by risk level and specific needs to enable emphasis on high risk probationers and ensure appropriate resources are tailored to the probationer. Also covered is how Officers are trained to use a needs assessment, and provides insight into how Lee County incorporates motivational interviewing and skill building techniques to identify probationer needs and motivate positive change.

To Register visit the Justice Clearinghouse: https://justiceclearinghouse.com/catalyst4change-webinars/

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