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VIP and cFive to Implement a New Case/Supervision Management System for Nevada Parole and Probation

cFive, along with VIP, is aiding the State of Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation with updating their 20-plus year-old legacy application paving the way for increased efficiencies.

FOLSOM, Calif. (PRWEB) March 29, 2023 — Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP), a nationally recognized technology solution and service provider, announced a strategic partnership with the Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation (Division) and cFive Solutions, Inc. (cFive) to support the Division’s supervision of individuals on probation or parole.

The State of Nevada chose VIP and cFive to implement a suite of software products that address case/supervision management, catalyst client communication, behavioral change, and reporting for its 700 users located in ten offices across the state.

“This partnership pairs VIP’s 27 years of project leadership and implementation expertise with the industry’s best-of-breed software provider,” said Jonna Ward, Founder, and CEO of VIP. “cFive brings more than two decades of experience delivering innovative supervision software solutions to some of the largest and most progressive agencies in the United States.”

“We are excited to provide the Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation with our highly configurable supervision software solution,” said James Newman, Senior Vice President of cFive. ”Our product suite offers the Division a comprehensive solution to support NPP’s complete client and supervision life cycle.”

“TeamVIP is a year into its scheduled 21-month implementation and remains on schedule for go live at the end of 2023,” said Major Aaron Evans, Deputy Chief and acting Division Chief. “We are excited about the progress that has been made toward deploying a system that will help us update our 20-plus year-old legacy application with a thoughtful, well-designed solution that delivers robust functional capabilities along with many opportunities for better outcomes and increased efficiencies.”

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About Nevada Parole and Probation

The primary mission of the Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation (Division) is to safeguard Nevada and offer solutions to reshape lives by protecting the community and reducing crime. The Division uniquely accomplishes its mission through two distinct strategies: (1) traditional law enforcement, such as sanctioning offender noncompliance and misconduct, search and surveillance, and arrest; and (2) community correctional services, such as drug testing and counseling, mental health services, employment and educational placement, and encouraging and supporting the offender’s positive efforts to become a productive, law-abiding citizen. The Division supervises individuals who have been placed on probation by a District Court for convictions of felonies or gross misdemeanors. The Division supervises inmates released from prison on parole by the Parole Board or inmates mandated by statute for release, inmates approved by the Department of Corrections for transitional community programs, and offenders transferred to Nevada under the Adult Interstate Compact Agreement. The Division’s offender population ranges from those who pose little or no risk, to those who pose a significant risk to the safety of our community. The offender population includes individuals convicted of murder, violent offenses, kidnapping, crimes against a child, sex offenses, street gang activities and significant financial offenses. At any given time, the Division supervises approximately 19,000 offenders state-wide. The Division has ten offices located throughout the state, with its Headquarters, Administration and Specialized Units in Carson City.

About cFive

cFive provides software that connects innovative community supervision agencies and courts with the information they need to reduce recidivism, improve lives, and keep communities safe. With over 20 years of experience in supervision management, cFive has helped some of the largest and most progressive supervision agencies with simplified, powerful, and insightful analysis that facilitates enhanced decision making.

About VIP

VIP helps its clients strengthen mission outcomes by combining deep industry specialization, agility to adapt as needed, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. VIP empowers clients to modernize systems and experiences with leading technology solutions through our systematic and repeatable system integration and time-tested delivery methodology. VIP addresses the complexity of digital transformation nationwide for customers such as California Department of Consumer Affairs, Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, Oregon Department of State Lands, Nevada Department of Public Safety, and Fairfax County. Since 1996, VIP has worked with over 1,200 public sector and commercial clients. For more information, please visit

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