cFive Housing

cFive Housing is equipped to manage every aspect of your detention facility’s operations.

cFive Housing is a complete Detention Facility Management System built to work with cFive Supervisor. It is organized around the client, tracking every interaction with every client including booking, education, medical, finance, incidents, grievances, conduct, notes, transfers, property, and many other functions. cFive Housing takes care of everything simply, reliably, and comprehensively. cFive Housing can be deployed as a stand-alone system, or to achieve the greatest benefits, as an integrated part of cFive Supervisor.

Key features of Housing:

Sentence Calculations

cFive Housing calculates release dates based on separate sentences for each charge whether they run consecutively, concurrently or a combination of both. cFive Housing can also calculate good time and work credit.

Graphical cell management

With cFive Housing’s graphical cell management, you can quickly see the population counts for each facility, how many beds are available, if the client is temporarily out of the facility, and the client’s picture and key information.

PREA Compliance

Supervisor tracks PREA compliance and assessment.


cFive Housing tracks in/out movements and release. The client’s movement is tracked by destination, transporting agency, and date and time of expected return. The movement type is configurable by a system administrator.


cFive Housing keeps track of all property that the client has at the time of booking including cash. Item status can easily be updated individually or multiple items can be handled at the same time., cFive Housing can generate a property receipt by status and associate the receipt to the clients property record.

Merit Points

cFive Housing offers extensive merit point tracking. These points are tracked daily for various tasks. The points are accumulated for each day and tracks the weekly accumulation of points. The tasks and points allocated for each task are configurable.


cFive Housing tracks all contacts between visitors and clients. The application supports the identification of authorized visitors, detailed background information, including photos, as well as visit details.


cFive Housing provides lifecycle tracking and reporting of incidents. Capabilities include compliance with Performance-based Standards (PbS) developed by the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA). Comprehensive tracking of all aspects of an incident including a link to a formal conduct and support of agency incident forms.


cFive Housing provides a comprehensive Conduct process, whether linked to incidents or created independently, the conduct process can incorporate the conduct hearings, plea, disposition, and specific actions (e.g. sanctions).


cFive Housing provides comprehensive Grievance processing with the ability to record evidentiary documentation, facility and location, description, involved staff, and relief requested and granted. Staff members are notified as appropriate and the timeline/mandatory due dates, or other process milestones are achieved.

Keep Aways

cFive Housing includes several functions that prevent unauthorized or dangerous cohabitation.  For example, gang affiliation, stay away orders, co-participant and victim relationships are all tracked by the system.


cFive Housing’s release clearance process captures the information required to release a client.  A client with any future court appointments, outstanding warrants, or a client who is temporarily out of the facility precludes the client from being released.  Also, a scanned barcode that does not match the client’s wristband barcode will prevent the client from being released. Adherence to the process eliminates the possibility of unauthorized release.


cFive Housing tracks the underlying compliance data elements to support facility reporting including population, demographics (e.g. age, gender), pre- vs. post-disposition, and related information including suicides, escapes, receipt of medication, assaults, and release/disposition reasons.