We don't stop at software

Optimize your Supervision Solution with cFive Professional Services

Community Corrections is your specialty. Providing software and services for community corrections agencies is ours. For agencies to get the most from their cFive applications, the cFive Customer Success team provides the knowledge, proven methodology and resources for a successful deployment that becomes a signature achievement in support of your agencies objectives.

cFive offers the technical insight, real-world experience and a proven methodology to help you get up and running on your new cFive solution quickly and efficiently. No one knows the world of supervision better than cFive and with the nation’s largest agencies as our customers, no one has more expertise deploying large-scale supervision management systems than cFive.

Shorten your timeline to deployment

Implementing a supervision management system should not be underestimated. It requires knowledge and understanding of the business aspects of the agency as well as a proven methodology to plan, configure, and deploy the system.

The cFive Customer Success team has expertise in these areas, ensuring your new system is deployed faster, and with a better fit for the needs of the different roles impacted by your agency’s policies and processes.

Our close working relationship with your team helps your employees accomplish a faster skills transfer and accelerated understanding of the system. The result is a low-risk realization of your agency’s goals, with an accelerated, on-time, on-budget implementation and a faster return on investment.

How it works

We take a collaborative approach, using a proven methodology that has been refined from our work with some of the largest agencies. Combining that with astute project management, cFive Customer Success team delivers our solutions according to plan. We build-in proper schedules, milestones, processes, controls, and deliverables from project initiation to closure. We layer in training opportunities so your team learns what they need to know most effectively, during and after deployment.


Reduce potential for errors and increase efficiencies by taking advantage of the information captured by other agencies in your jurisdiction, and reduce duplicate data entry by your staff. cFive has over 15 years of experience developing complex integrations, providing seamless and accurate integration across county, state and federal agencies.

Data Migration

cFive believes that data migration is one of the most important capabilities you need to consider in your decision to choose a solution vendor.  If the data does not come over accurately and clean, this can jeopardize the entire deployment.

cFive’s tested and proven data migration process accurately and efficiently overcomes each migration risk. cFive’s process has been tested in multiple highly complex projects, including, successful management of complicated migrations of data with hundreds of thousands of cases from multiple existing databases.

Reports and Forms

If specific reports are required, cFive’s Customer Success team can help create them. We design and produce specialized reports for managers and executives to ensure they have up-to-date, and accurate, information at their fingertips.


We know high-quality training means a satisfied customer. cFive offers a variety of training curricula to meet your needs at every stage of the process, from initial training to “train the trainer,” end-user, and ongoing training. From Case Managers to Directors, we provide the classes you need with hints, in-depth product training and key information to help you better serve your clients.