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for engagement and behavior change.

cFive Catalyst provides Case Managers essential supervision services to empower clients, increase engagement and change behavior.

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Catalyst incorporates the four essential supervision services of Appointments, Messaging, Questionnaires and In-Sight calls to engage clients and case managers. Unlike any other product on the market, Catalyst uses proven behavior change techniques including personalization, positive reinforcement, and the ability to engage a client’s support network. Catalyst securely enables effective remote supervision that reinforces behavior change and compliance while reducing case manager in-person interaction.

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Encourage behavior modification

Catalyst’s positive reinforcement techniques improve client accountability and behavior. Regular notifications and verification prompts provide clients a framework to develop positive habits that change behavior.

Reallocate and reduce case-management workloads

Automate administrative, banked, and low-risk client contacts to reduce workloads and increase time available to attend to clients with greater needs.

Reallocate caseloads

Reduce failure to appear rates

cFive Catalyst provides a pro-active way to address failures to appear by addressing the three most common excuses: “I didn’t know I had an appointment,” “I forgot I had an appointment,” or “I don’t know where to go or how to get there.”

Streamline updates of life changing events

Automating communication of life changing events is made simple as Catalyst assists the client to easily submit updates to their case manager.

A personal assistant that works

Clients and case managers alike benefit from adopting Catalyst as their personal assistant. Catalyst guides the client through their supervision term and keeps them abreast of all important interactions and information from their case manager. Communication and supervision can occur when the client is at home, work or anywhere they take their phone. Clients have access anytime to critical details related to their supervision including appointments, directions, messages and case manager contact information.

Built client accountability

As unique as the client

Because all clients are not alike, Catalyst provides case managers the flexibility to individualize client communications. Catalyst’s vast flexibility provides agencies and case managers the ability to adjust supervision activities to interact appropriately with all client types.

Engage support system

To help engage the client’s support system, help foster accountability and support success, Catalyst can apprise family members, teachers, counselors and other members of a client’s support system of deadlines and responsibilities.

Reallocate caseloads

Powerful features drive efficiency

  • Client calendar and reminders

    Catalyst’s shared, managed calendars give case managers and clients full visibility into all upcoming appointments and events, including directions. Automated notifications and reminders ensure that clients acknowledge and remain mindful of upcoming events.

  • Remote client supervision

    Remote reporting by clients reduces case-management workloads, staff and client time savings, and a reallocation of staff to focus on higher risk individuals.

  • Configurable contacts

    Whether case managers need questionnaires focused on clients with specific risk factors, offenses, or program needs, Catalyst makes it easy. Questions and questionnaires can be changed daily, monthly, quarterly – any frequency that best suits a client and their case plan.

  • Secure two-way messaging

    Case Managers can securely message with a client with the history of all notifications and conversations automatically stored in the client record.

  • Biometric authentication

    Clients are securely authenticated through facial and voice recognition, ensuring that the client – and only the client – can access the app.

  • Automatic information updates

    Regular address and employment verification, and triggered prompts that require the client to record and verify changes ensure client records are current.  No case manager data entry required.

  • Intuitive dashboard

    Case Managers can manage the system, communicate with clients, and monitor their caseload quickly, at a glance from any device.

  • Easy-to-use client mobile app

    Available for iPhone or Android, Catalyst’s secure mobile app is the core of the system. Designed with the user experience in mind, the app is exceptionally easy to use.

  • Positive reinforcement messaging

    Catalyst’s positive, motivational phrasing helps engage clients and reinforce accountability. Even when a client is not meeting requirements Catalyst incorporates constructive messages that help develop habits that can lead to positive change.

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