Become a data-driven agency.

cFive Supervisor moves you beyond case management with the visibility needed to better manage your agency’s operations and improve outcomes.

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cFive Supervisor is a powerful data-driven supervision management system that improves agency efficiency, client outcomes, and implements Evidence-Based Practices in a single, easy-to-use system.

Create better, data-driven supervision plans

cFive Supervisor facilitates better planning and management oversight by guiding case managers to select goals, interventions, and service providers for targeted criminogenic needs. Case managers can easily view historical trends from past assessments and case plans.


Improve case efficiency

Make every task more efficient and productive. cFive Supervisor’s intake and contact wizards integrate best practices, provide relevant information when it’s needed, and collect information in a way that’s intuitive to enter and easy to analyze, all in one place. Client calendars track all client appointments, issue reminders, and are integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Better understand your clients and their needs

cFive Supervisor goes well beyond capturing standard client data, and supports drug and alcohol profiles and testing, as well as a complete legal case file, including records of arrests, convictions, prosecutions, dispositions, and charge status. When combined with Catalyst, clients can update their own information and upload photo verification.

Cover all your needs with one system

In a single system, cFive Supervisor meets the unique needs of criminal justice agencies including specific intake, referral and petition processes, placement and detention management, along with enhanced client profiles that include education and other details specific to juveniles.

Improve overall agency operations

Drive agency efficiency with a powerful reporting engine, weighted caseload and workload distribution tools, configurable, data-driven workflows, and integrated document and form management. Case managers and supervisors see prioritized and pending tasks in their work queues, and receive event-triggered emailed notifications, providing a clear list of priorities and next steps.

Powerful features that enable your agency

  • Complete supervision lifecycle

    Features that cover the entire supervision lifecycle, including contacts, incentives, sanctions, and violations.

  • Referrals & Programs

    Help your officers and providers manage the referral process and programs; allow providers to directly input attendance, status reports, and other information in real time.

  • Behavioral Management

    Effectively issue incentives and sanctions, and track their impact on violations. Complete documentation of all, along with an optional structured approval process.

  • Investigations

    Improves the investigation process by automatically tracking the number, type, and status of all pending investigations and reports.

  • Secure Housing and Detention

    Manage and maintain compliance with a full slate of features, including a visual cell manager, keep-aways, movement, property, and visitation tracking, and support for recording and managing conduct, including incidences, grievances, and merit points.

  • Full Financial Features

    Track payables, receivables, fees, restitution payments, and client balances, and view the general ledger. Split payments and issue invoices.

  • Full-Text Search

    Search all uploaded documents, including Word, PDF, text, and other documents using phrases, Boolean search, and other methods.

  • Reporting Engine

    Powerful reporting engine includes built-in outcome-oriented reports with powerful filters and an ad-hoc report builder.

  • Robust Security Model

    Support statewide deployments or multiple sites, while maintaining client privacy with a robust data security model that differentiates between roles, locations, and other attributes.

  • Self-Configurable Administration

    Easily modify drop-down lists, workflows, alerts, vendors and reference codes.

  • Device Independent

    Access cFive Supervisor from any device with a browser, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Cloud or On-Premises

    Supervisor can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, and includes first-class support.

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