Provider Portal

cFive Provider Portal enables community corrections agencies to seamlessly collaborate with program and service providers through a single integrated system.

Providers submit attendance reports, referrals, and client records through a web-based portal, giving case managers immediate insight into client progress and agencies oversight of provider effectiveness, as well as reducing double entry inefficiencies. Providers gain an automated billing and payment system, and reduced workload.

cFive Provider Portal can be deployed as a stand-alone system, or to achieve the greatest benefits, as an integrated part of cFive Supervisor or cFive Catalyst.

Increase efficiencies.

Ensure case managers and providers are working with the same information with shared access to attendance, referrals, and client records. Eliminate data entry duplication and reduce time spent exchanging information using manual processes or interfaces that slow down service delivery and the flow of information.

Improve communication between organizations.

With access to shared information on activities and referrals, attendance, and case notes, true, real-time communication is possible.

Take immediate action with integrated alerts.

Know when a client fails to attend or complete a class as soon as it happens.