Recognizing those who change the lives of others


#Catalyst4Change is cFive’s corporate initiative created to give back to the industry by creating a platform to recognize dynamic individuals in community supervision, share insight on what works, and build awareness and support in the community and beyond.

In 2017 we launched this program and we’re thrilled with results. We received many fantastic nominations from 11 states. Even more importantly, #Catalyst4Change provided a great platform for community supervision members to share ideas. The program finalists received wonderful media exposure that helped shine the spotlight on the innovative programs and incredible professionals across the nation.

Meet the 2017 #Catalyst4Change Award Winner

Herb Sinkinson, Burlington Probation and Parole, Vermont Department of Corrections

Believing that having members play an active role in setting expectations for probation could be life changing for offenders, victims and their community, Herb and the Burlington Probation and Parole team worked diligently to launch and grow the state’s Reparative Board program in their area. Emphasizing an offender’s need to take responsibility and hold themselves accountable, the program taps guidance from community members to identify an equitable course of action.

Feedback from the public, victims and community agencies has been outstanding. Offenders see significant benefit, including positive behavior changes and prosocial lifestyle development. When compared to offenders who did not participate in the program, research cites program participants exhibit a 23-percent lower recidivism rate.

cFive was honored to announce the winner at the 2017 American Probation & Parole Association Winter Institute in Houston.

We could not have done it without you

The #Catalyst4Change winner was selected through nominations and votes from the community supervision community. Dozens on nominations and nearly 2,000 votes were received from members throughout the community supervision community. Thanks for your participation!

Meet the Finalists

cFive received nominations of many incredible and inspiring change makers for our #Catalyst4Change awards program. We invite you to read the stories of the Finalists, and learn how they are making a difference across the nation today. (Click on each Finalists’ name to be taken to their profile.)

David Cervantes, Las Vegas Municipal Court

Jay Holmes, Sedgwick County, Division of Corrections

Veronica Perry, Medina County Court of Common Pleas Adult Probation Department

Erin Rodriguez, Fifth Judicial District Community Corrections

Herb Sinkinson, Burlington Probation & Parole, Vermont Department of Corrections