COVID-19 Support Program Admin Resources

Catalyst Quick Start Video: How to Set Up New Users

This video provides information for System Administrators on how to set up new users in cFive Catalyst. (Users are the people on your team who will be using Catalyst's Officer Portal.)

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Catalyst Launch Plan

As you roll out Catalyst within your agency, engaging officers and clients are the keys to your success. This guide provides information and "best practices" to assist with your deployment planning, client introduction and enrollment.

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Catalyst Quick Start Guide for System Administrators

This Quick Start Guide provides valuable information to the person in System Admin role. Topics covered include: how to set up new users, deactivate users and unlock a user. (Users are the people on your team who will be using Catalyst's Officer Portal.)

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Template: Email to Introduce Users to Catalyst

This is the template Admins can use to provide users with the information they need to login to Catalyst and begin to familiarize themselves. This is typically sent prior to the training webinar.

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Template: Catalyst User Log

This template can help Admins prepare their User list prior to entering them into Catalyst, and track the Users they have entered into the system.

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Catalyst Quick Start Deployment Plan

Our goal is to get your agency set up and using Catalyst quickly. This will serve as your roadmap into the Catalyst deployment process.

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Catalyst User Onboarding Exercise

This outlines a list of activities for Users to complete to become familiar with Catalyst. This document partners with the Quick Start Guides and Videos provided in the User's Resource Library.

Includes "Getting Started with Catalyst Mobile" information.

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COVID-19: Practical Steps to Help Minimize Risk

Some best practices to help community supervision pros navigate the issue and take steps to minimize risk.

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Learn More About cFive Catalyst

cFive Catalyst is an engagement and behavior change platform that combines an administrative website for case managers with a secure mobile app for clients, and it enables officers to have seamless remote interactions with their clients.

Learn more about cFive Catalyst.

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How Catalyst Can Help Lower FTAs

Catalyst bridges the client-supervisor relationship with an intelligent supervision management platform and a client-facing mobile app that automates interactions and information gathering that improves client accountability and client behavior, resulting in increased compliance and fewer technical violations.

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